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Private Chef

Having a private chef has never been so affordable. From romantic dinners to small parties or a business brunch, chef Davide Arnofi works together with the client to create a personalized menu to satisfy the most exigent guest. The service includes the shopping of the freshest and finest ingredients together with a collection of complementary wines to give the client a unique and, above all, a memorable experience.

Additional services offered includes:

  • Availability to cook together with the chosen catering company for weddings
  • One-to-one cooking lessons to small groups (5-6 people)


‘Cooking is like a beautiful lady: she needs to be taken care of up ’till the tiniest details.’

There is something sensual about cooking. It is not just about the final result: a complex and beautiful dish. What is important is the creative process leading to the elaboration of something different, something new. Every single detail- from the picking of fresh ingredients to the selection of serving plates, from the aesthetic of the dish to the accompanying wines- is fundamental to construct a dish which is both exciting and memorable to taste. Davide Arnofi

Similarly to when you love someone, passion has to be at the core of cooking.

Since I was a kid I was fascinated by what was behind the creation of all the dishes given to me: the endless ingredients, always fresh and with vivid colors, and the beautiful smell of aromatic herbs emanating from the kitchen. Restaurants were for me a world within which creativity was expressed through the simplest or complex dishes.

As soon as I entered high-school, my passion for cooking led me to explore all the restaurants of my neighborhood to extrapolate their chefs’ secrets: how to prepare the perfect dough for a true Italia pizza or how to cook a succulent seafood spaghetti, to re-create the magic of home-made bread or how to highlight the delicate flavor of the fish.

I then started my apprenticeship and soon began to invent my own culinary masterpieces while traveling around the world. Food is at the core of everything that I do and because of that I want to share my passion with anyone who loves Italian Cuisine and therefore good food.